We remain a team of quality, guided by values.


To set goals beyond visible horizon. Then, to make them reality by life-long learning.


To choose the right thing, not the easy one.


We aspire to make financial freedom possible for anybody.


To stay on the right path. To continue what was started out of ambition and believe in achieving it by work and attitude.


DNA changes into candle chart

Our aim was to generate and deploy highly profitable trading strategies by removing human factor from the investment decisions. To make financial freedom available for anyone, not just the wealthy elite.
We no longer pursue this goal.


At AI-Traders, we spent most of our time on coding, planning, maintenance and research. We shared a laboratory which we have built from scratch for our common benefit. Today the laboratory has been migrated to form KuduLab - a software house to support open source projects. You can engage with us there or on github.

Tomasz Sętkowski

Ewa Czechowska


We have created applications and a large infrastructure to handle market data, backtesting, portfolio optimization, and various machine learning algorithms. All of that was possible thanks to the variety of open source software and its creators. During this time we have discovered that open collaboration can lead to meeting communities of strong values and can be a life-changing experience.

We have been active contributors in the projects that we have used, always trying to give something back when there was an opportunity. Most notably, we implemented pipelines as code for GoCD by collaborating with ThoughtWorks.

Moving on from AI-Traders, we want to continue to support these projects and participate in the open source world. To make it possible, we have migrated part of our infrastructure to setup KuduLab, where you can now engage with us.