We intend to remain a team of quality, guided by values. It is not desired by us to become a strictly money-making company.


To set goals beyond visible horizon. Then, to make them reality by life-long learning.


To choose the right thing, not the easy one.


We aspire to make financial freedom possible for anybody.


To stay on the right path. To continue what was started out of ambition and believe in achieving it by work and attitude, not talent.


DNA changes into candle chart

Our aim is to generate and publish highly profitable trading strategies. We strive to remove human factor from the investment decisions altogether. By using an aptly software stack we want to make financial freedom available for anyone, including us.


We spend most of our time on coding, planning, maintenance and research. Big ambitions are our propelling fuel. We strongly believe in learning by doing and gain inspiration from TED Talks. We believe in strong and positive impact of technology on humans lives.

Tomasz Sętkowski

Ewa Czechowska


We have created a large code base to handle market data, backtesting, portfolio optimization, various machine learning algorithms. It was possible greatly because of the existence of OpenSource. By discovering OpenSource ideology, we’ve met communities of big dreams and strong values. We realize that using OpenSource can be life-changing for anyone from anywhere, whether it comes to lifestyle or money making.

Since we benefit so much from OpenSource, we decided to also give something back. We learnt a lot from GoCD, a product of Thoughtworks. This has driven to contributing an improvement to GoCD on Github. There are also other projects we open sourced and more are coming!